In between an old and a new version of yourself? Allow me to guide you through integrating this identity-level shift into your nervous system and subconscious so you can turn your breakdown into the most expansive glow-up of your life.

Imagine If You...

  • Had a fully attentive partner to collaboratively create and strategize what your next identity looks and feels like with for a whole day?
  • Could save thousands of dollars and hours of your time by learning how to avoid mistakes from someone whose done what you want to do, and see the exact pathway to reaching your goals?
  • Left this day with a major project in your business fully/partially completed--collapsing your timelines and getting you to your goals faster?
  • Could get re-energized and re-inspired in just a few hours by accessing clarity, direction, excitement, and alignment?
  • Were able to unpack, process, and break through subconscious patterning that may have held you back for days, weeks, months, or years?
  • Were given the tools and processes so that you could continue to integrate, and trouble shoot as you move through your new identity

An IDENTITY UPGRADE VIP Day is perfect for you if you…

Feel like you're close to having a sense of what your next identity looks like, but know you're missing some key information, strategies, perspectives, or tools to get there

Have been feeling stuck or plateaued in your current identity and need a few focused hours to break past this current identity 

Want to build a new brand (including content creation plan and branding) but don't want to do the start-to-finish heavy lifting all alone!

Long for the support of a collaborative partner who can teach you, coach you, and lead you into the next stages of your identity

Are down to earth, open-minded, and committed to your internal personal work as an aspect of your business and leadership development

Had the tools and processes so that you could continue to integrate, and trouble shoot easily, as you move through your new identity




It was a no-brainer for me to hire Amanda for a VIP day because what you see is what you get. She is smart as a whip when it comes to strategy—she is excellent—but the reason I chose her was because of who she is as a person. I felt safe as I am around her. I appreciated how she showed up; her transparency, vulnerability, and authenticity. Amanda doesn’t use formulaic approaches, she focuses on you. Hire her!

- Vasavi K.
Online Presence Coach, Expert Speaker, Comedian


I'm a business and alignment coach for online coaches and entrepreneurs who want to start, grow, and scale their businesses that make the money they want to make, and feel good as fuck in the process.

I've coached over 450+ clients across multiple industries and niches--everything from psychotherapists, healers, wellness, sex and relationships, kink and BDSM, fitness, and more. In the 5 years I've spent in this space, I've made hundreds of mistakes alongside the thousands of successes within both my personal experience, and those of the incredible clients I've supported.

Those lessons turned into a toolkit of resources, perspectives, critical thinking skills, and strategic awareness that helps my clients grow the businesses that support their dreams all while being a match for their lifestyles.

I've mastered the art and science of energetic alignment combined with focused strategic action--and I'm here to help impart that wisdom to you.

A VIP Day with me will be like grabbing a golden ticket, fast-tracking you to the next iteration of growth and success.

what's inside

here’s what you’ll get:

what's inside

Personalized 1:1 Coaching from me to solidify what the next level of your identity looks like 

Usable templates and worksheets for your brand and business as needed based on what we focus on during our time together

Pre-session homework to fill out for me to gather as much information about you and your business before we press "start"

Personal pattern integration, energy practices, and embodiment tools


At the end of our day together, we'll talk about how to actually integrate this new "Software Upgrade" identity level shift into your life. 

We'll create a plan to navigate any changes you have to make moving forward, whether it's having a difficult conversation, creating a whole new marketing plan for your business, or any other real-life circumstances where you need to make some decisions.

Included in this package is a 45 minute integration session one month after our VIP Day to support you in anchoring in a deeper sense of stability and security in the new identity we landed on.


 I was so drawn to Amanda’s work, there was so much alignment from our similar journeys. I respect the work she’s done and where she’s at in her life (business, relationships, sexuality, communication) – it’s the part of me I’m drawn to in her. I thought that I was going to expand and learn about business. I had an idea of maybe what was going to happen, but it completed exceeded my expectations. 

- Leslie Klenke, Feminine Embodiment Coach

Working with Amanda was the best investments I ever made, even if I’m not going to be an entrepreneur forever. This experience helped me so much with my personal growth, and was a benchmark for showing me what I still need to work on and what is possible for me, and for that I can’t say thank you enough.

-Rachel Thomsen, Ethical Fitness Coach

What We’ll cover:

  • Core drivers and energetic alignment based on your vision and desired outcomes
  • Business model and product suite structuring and optimizing to increase profit, upgrade deliverables and client experience, without adding burnout 
  • Messaging and positioning 
  • Social media content & conversion strategy
  • Schedule, time, and energy management optimization so you have time to do all the things you want and still rest + prioritize fun
  • Sales page / email funnel aduits + writing Marketing strategy
  • Internal pattern and nervous system rewiring practices and embodiment tools
  • My intention here is for your VIP day to have a direct ROI. SO, my aim is to have you leave with tangible takeaways and begin making more money, with more balance, right away.



You in?


Example Identity-Upgrade VIP Day Flow

  • Pre-Work: Info Gathering + clarifying focuses of each sprint
  • 11-11:15am: Intention setting + shoot the shit
  • 11:15am-1pm: Pattern Mapping Process (Shadow Work)
  • 1-1:30pm: brain + meal break
  • 1:30-3:45 pm: Creation + Anchoring into Upgraded Identity (Light Work)
  • 3:45-4pm: wrap up + integration action plan


When you fill out an application, I can get a sense for who you are, where you're at, and the context of what we'll be focusing on together. After you apply, I'll be reaching out to you via Instagram or text to discuss next steps in communication and decision making between you and I!


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