Hey Entrepreneur. Ready To Learn To Do Things Your Way?

Learning how to launch your offer as an Entrepreneur is an Initiation.

An Induction into the realm of Business, if you will.

There are standards.


Ways of doing so, that get passed down and taught.

You may have learned some of them through various coaches, courses, or the careful observation of someone elses launch.

And it makes sense to learn a method: without the “know how” of “how to do something so it’s successful,” what are you left with?

A lack of structure.


Question marks about the important details.

And not enough information to feel like you can pull it off.

This is an imperative stage in your business journey--particularly in the early stages. 

But you’re feeling stuck now, aren’t you?

You’ve learned that there are certain ways of doing things.

A “
best” way.

The “most effective” strategy out there.

The thing “every entrepreneur needs to do.”

The “smart thing.”

👩🏿‍💻Perhaps you learned to run a webinar into a live pitch, into an application, and two discovery calls to close the deal.

📸Maybe you learned to only do social media launches and go super ham for one week.

❌Maybe you were taught to price your offer higher and put the price on the sales page, so as to disqualify unqualified leads.

And now, you feel extremely limited, restricted, and stressed when it comes to launching your offers.

You feel entirely too boxed in by the method you learned, and just don’t know if there’s any other way to do it.



Launches can be incredibly physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing.

You are putting in a lot of work to create an epic product, curate beautifully written and designed marketing materials, and are dealing with the emotional rollercoaster 🎢 of what it’s really like to launch.

You have to be the course creator. The marketer. The copywriter. The page and graphic designer. The project manager. The enrollment person.

>>> Launches require a lot of your precious energy, and the last thing you want is to feel jaded and traumatized by the experience. <<<

What if I told you....

There’s a way to do this entire launch thing,

That allows you to feel grounded,



And aligned as fuck throughout the entire process?

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not.

It’s just an additional skill you get to learn when you’re ready to expand from following a method to following your intuition and energy.👈🏽

It takes a bit more time to do things things way, and it requires you to be committed to knowing yourself...

And expanding into things that may make you feel a little uncomfortable.

But ONLY because they are the *exact right strategies for you,* and requires you to think, feel, and sense what is correct for YOU.

I’ve seen way too many of my clients feel lost and trapped by their launches to not offer this tool to you as well.

The Solution: Learn How To Launch Aligned as Fuck


This is a two-hour Masterclass where you will be learning exactly how to launch...all your way.

I will be covering all different topics, ranging from picking your pricing, determining your lead generation strategies, and handling your marketing and enrollment.

And I’m covering the context and nuance available for you to pick the BEST strategies and methods for each of your launches, so you never have to rely on someone elses strategies again.

There will be practical AF marketing and launching support,

While you also learn to hone in on your intuition and support yourself.

And the price to join?

Only $333!


What's Included:


In this Masterclass, we’ll be covering:

  • What Is Alignment + How Do You Know You’re In It?
  • Alignment Vs Resistance 
  • Aligned Pricing + Offer Creation
  • Aligned Messaging and Positioning
  • Aligned Marketing Strategy + Logistics
  • Aligned Hiring



As a part of this masterclass, you’ll be able to access some of my best launching documents I use to run my own company. These include:

  • “Tech Checklist” for all your logistical needs
  • A List of Pieces of Copy/Content


✔ Are a digital
entrepreneur, coach, teacher, or creator with product and services you “launch” as a part of your marketing process


✔ Have learned about launching before, but know that some of the methods led you to feel stuck and stressed


✔ Struggle with knowing what strategies will both allow you to be the most successful AND feel best (are the two even related?!)


✔ Confused and unsure about how some strategies will work (and are nervous to try them for fear of it not working out)Are feeling really clear within yourself that using your intuitive senses in combination with strategy is the next move for you


✔ Desire financially successful launches that also align with your values, integrity, and natural energy