Choosing entrepreneurship is choosing some deep AF soul work.

And you've probably figured that out by now 🤪 but just in case you're not aware of every major force you’re facing off with when you start your own business, lets look at some of the biggies:

>  Late-stage capitalism, which places humans in a position of overworking, hustling for more and more to survive today's economy.

The patriarchy, which is a system that’s historically conditioned women and feminine beings to not make too much money, gain too much knowledge, or become too powerful on our own. Making your own money is a radical act against hundreds of years of misogny.

> Systemic oppression, which puts marginalized folk at a major disadvantage in generating wealth and assets, along with the slew of painful individual and collective traumas that leave an impact. BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ folk, neurodivergeent, or disabled folks making more money is an act of radical empowerment.

> Any generational traumas, passed down to you from your families, and traumas from your past that shaped your protective patterns and beliefs about the world, others, and yourself.


You know, just everything you must fight against within the system to even BECOME an entrepreneur in the first place.

Each and every one of these components affects our relationship to:

  • Authority
  • Productivity
  • Self-efficacy
  • Worthiness
  • Money
  • Leadership
  • Success
  • Mental health
  • Other people
  • Who we think we are
  • Our egos
  • Our purpose


^^ all of which, we have to deal with when starting and running a business.

Your business is a vehicle for awakening your power, healing from the past, and creating the life you deserve.

Hey You. I'm Amanda

I’m a business coach, conscious leadership coach, creative entrepreneur, and influencer. I help digital entrepreneurs and creators start, grow, and scale their businesses using strategies rooted in
authenticity, alignment, and transformational healing.

I’ve worked with 400+ clients in my lifetime, and the essence of what I do helps people like you access your core essence, talents, genius, and purpose in the world--and leverage that into creating a business.

In my own work studying business, marketing, trauma-work, spiritual psychology, spirituality, copywriting, somatics, energetics, and more--I’ve come to recognize the deep need to blend business with personal development work so directly, that they do not look separate.

This core motto of supporting both the business AND the business owner thrive is interwoven into every course I’ve created over the last year and a half.

So much so, that I burnt down all my old courses and re-built ones that reflected the importance of self-awareness, healing, and business growth.

Which is why, on this Black Friday, I’m offering something I’ve never offered before….


A Bundle of My Four Business, Marketing, and Personal Development Courses

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$99 Value

This 10-day email course sends you 10 practices of self-awareness rituals to define who you are and access more of your power. Meet yourself through the top 10 modalities that have helped me the most on my journey.

This course includes 10 fill-in worksheets and exercises to go with each lesson:

  1. Call Upon Your Core Drivers - to understand what motivates you to do what you do 
  2. Personality Tests Galore - to provide you language that guides you
  3. Journal Your Heart Out - for introspection and self-reflection
  4. Learn Your Personal History - to understand what's influenced you from your past 
  5. Find Your Bliss - to guide you into what sparks your joy and what matters to you
  6. Social Media & The Self - to mirror back to you the lessons social media has to teach you about your purpose
  7. Embodiment Practices - to help you get out of your mind, and into your body--where 80% of your sensory information comes from
  8. Business As An Awakening - to show you where to look in your business to understand your values and purpose
  9. Ego Transcending Experiences - to show you the power of becoming nobody
  10. Relationships are Mirrors - to help you see yourself in others

$333 Value

A two-hour Masterclass where you will be learning exactly how to launch...all your way. Learn intuitive launching, stop wasting energy with misaligned methods, and create your most powerful launches yet.

  •  What Is Alignment + How Do You Know You’re In It?
  •  Alignment Vs Resistance 
  •  Aligned Pricing + Offer Creation
  •  Aligned Messaging and Positioning
  •  Aligned Marketing Strategy + Logistics
  •  Aligned Hiring

As a part of this masterclass, you’ll be able to access some of my best launching documents I use to run my own company. These include:

  •  “Tech Checklist” for all your logistical needs
  •  A List of Pieces of Copy/Content

$222 Value

A High-End Masterclass to help conscious coaches and educators like you breathe life into your marketing by learning to effectively and accurately translate your message.

During this two-hour masterclass, we will be:

  • Learning an entirely new way to write and speak to your ideal customers, through the lens of your deeper understanding of emotions, psychology, somatics, energy, empowerment, and transformation (that you know and love in your coaching!)
  • Debunking basic, disconnected copywriting strategies that are not resonating with you OR your audience anymore.
  • Transforming your entire relationship to pitching, copywriting, and content by showing you how to make the intangibles--tangible, the sleazy--inviting and warm, and the basic--vivid and powerful.
  • Workshopping examples of I help statements, content ideas, sales page write-ups, and more!

$997 Value

These program has six core workshops to help you embody the confident, self-assured, conscious leader you want to be.

Activate your untapped energy, overcome entrepreneurial self-doubt, and embody your most powerful leader yet. 

These workshops were created to expand your education and toolbox for leading yourself, clients, and brand.

  • Workshop 1: Energetic Mastery - learn to overcome resistance, revitalize your energy, and minimize overhwhelm
  • Workshop 2: Purpose & Positioning  - uncover your deeper purpose as a business owner by exploring your connection to yourself, your clients, and your work
  • Workshop 3: Emotional Regulation - learn from Guest Expert, Jessica Benstock, how to effectively regulate your fluctuating emotions like fear, anger, loneliness, sadness, and anxiousness.
  • Workshop 4: Shadow Work - learn what lives within your unconscious so it no longer runs your life
  • Workshop 5: Masculine & Feminine Energetics in Business - work with the inner structure, leading, and directing aspects of you, along with the receptive, emotional, and mysterious aspects of you so you can feel fulfilled while you create success
  • Workshop 6: Conscious Communication - learn various tools to resolve conflict with clients and team members so you can navigate any situation with grace

7 Additional Trainings On:

  • Moving Through Resistance
  • Generating Energy
  • Somatic Embodiment Practices
  • Effectively Planning Your Week
  • Freeing Up Energetic Blockages
  • Compassionate Self-Forgiveness
  • An Embodiment Breathwork Workshop with Guest Leader: Stevie Wright
Join and Pay In Full
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The Success From The Inside Out Bundle closes at 12:00pm midnight on Tuesday, November 30th, love.

Got questions? We've got answers.