Activate Your Untapped Energy, Overcome Entrepreneurial Self-Doubt, and Embody Your Most Powerful Leader Yet.

Six Consciousness Workshops To Expand Your 
Education and Toolbox For Leading Yourself, Clients, and Brand

If you're an online Entrepreneur in 2020, you are handling a lot all at once.


Not only are you focused on consistently delivering a high standard of quality free content, deeply transformational experiences for your customers and clients, all while being in the process of mastering you're craft...


...and guiding your clients, team, and audience into becoming the best versions of themselves, constantly developing new skills as fast as possible to match the quickness of your growth...


...but you're also advocating for the social issues you care about, learning about the intensity of the  worlds happenings on a daily basis, navigating the ups and downs of your personal life, and becoming the person required to transform the consciousness of the world.


Yeah, no pressure, right? 

Let's face it: you know you have a big mission in the world, and keeping up with the about of consuming, creating, educating, transforming, healing, navigating, crusading, innovating, and *all of the things* can leave you either overwhelmed, over-worked, or overly resentful.


Today's Leaders have to be: 


Fiercely committed to their energy;

 Constantly learning and developing new skills

 Serving their communities and advocating for the causes that matter

Doing the inner work to heal the deep-seated patterns that wreak havoc on their relationships and businesses.


Don't Stop Reading Yet My Friend, I Know What You're Thinking. 


“I’m not a leader yet, so this doesn’t apply to me.”

If the word “Leader” has you shrinking away...hang in this tension with me. This is you, doing the work.

I’ll tell you a quick story.

My very first LSD trip was in November of 2018 for a friend's birthday party.

There were 15 of his closest friends gathered in a circle, led by a shaman, prepared to dive into a 12-hour experience to a different dimension.

And let me tell you; it was quite the journey.

The half-life of this particular psychedelic is around 6 hours, and the entire journey lasts about 12.

During the second 6 hours where we were beginning to feel more in touch with reality

I had a thought-thread arise about leadership and responsibility.

I said to my friend, “We were chosen to have this level of leadership we do.

All of these followers aren’t accidents.

The more I resist this reality, the more difficult everything is going to be.

I have to really, really start taking responsibility and claim the fact that 

I Am A Leader.



It was a painful truth to visit, because being a LEADER isn’t all power and influence; it requires you to let go of the version of you who can get away with mostly being a follower.

You might not be able to claim the word “leader” yet--and that’s okay. 

But a part of you already knows that you are one.

This part of you is waiting for you to take the steps you need to take to finally see what you truly are :

  • crusader
  • healer
  • lightworker
  • guide
  • innovator
  • disruptor
  • teacher
  • creator

A Leader.

Let me know if these scare the shit out of you:

 Starting a third program means getting organized as fuck by building the systems and structures required to maintain it.


 Pivoting into a new layer of your personal brand means putting your fresh vulnerability out there for the entire world to see.


Raising your rates means having difficult conversations with clients and doing more work around your money wounds.


  Hiring a new team member means doing the work around letting go of control and receiving support.

Maybe you have tons of ideas, but executing on putting those out into reality is where you stop yourself.

Maybe you’re drowning in work and clients and using that as a way to hide from your full power and expression.

Maybe you’re letting people down and are using that as evidence as to why you shouldn’t go bigger.

Maybe you’re bypassing a healing opportunity by using a label you’ve given yourself as an excuse/

Time commitment…

Your task load is piling up.

Already so overwhelmed, adding something new feels....

Needing to make it happen NOW and not feeling like you can take your foot off the gas pedal without losing your momentum…

Oh, not to mention the spiritual awakening you’re going through, processing intense emotions, navigating your personal relationships, all while trying to build an empire?

I know you crave:


  • More clients who not only are easier to attract and sell to, but who adore the experience and stay for longer, or come back months later for a higher level program.


  • team that’s deeply supportive of your mission, autonomous in their own right, collaborative, and culture fits that you know how to lead.


  • The confidence in yourself to navigate difficult public conversations with your audience, or private conversations with customers that uphold the integrity of your brand


  • To be grounded, calm, and powerful during your course launches without secretly experiencing such emotional highs and lows.
  • To be highly productive and efficient with your time without feeling stuck in the over-working loop, watching yourself burn yourself out


  • The ability to feel an emotion without judging yourself, and the tools to center, ground, and heal amidst the work you have on your plate without having things slip through the cracks


  • Authentic desire to serve more people that you know will come when you’ve truly taken care of, served, and lead yourself first.


Alignment, ease, and success with a lot less effort.

The Three Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Stepping Into Leadership:

1. Trying To Have It All Together Like, Yesterday.


Based on social media’s impossible standards, I know it feels like you have to successfully run a sustainable, systems-based six-figure business in 90 days.


But the Conscious Leader does not follow the timelines society society imposes upon them.

They remove themselves from the dopamine-driven success cycle on social media, and create success on their own terms.

There is absolutely no rush to have your entire operation running smooth as butter; there will be cracks, leaks, and fires happening left and right if you do that.

If you try to rush it, then it actually makes it worse [expand upon this] you wind up making more mistakes that you have to then go back and fix.

“Nature never rushes, yet everything gets done.”

Donald L. Hicks

Trust me--that’s the mistake I made.

I built my success so fast, and did NOT want to be seen as an imposter--so I threw money at all of my problems, invested in everyone I could to fix my backend problems while I was trying to learn and embody and teach it all at once.

If someone told me I had permission to slow down and do it right the first time, I’d be a lot better off.

2. Bypassing The Hard Emotions.


Having a lot of things on your plate can begin to feel like you don’t have room to process your emotions--or even worse; that you shouldn’t even be feeling them in the first place.

Like, what?

You’re not alone; our society was built on achievement-rewards systems and punishments for “weakness” or “leading with your heart.”

That is not the Conscious Leader.

You know better than to bypass the challenges and the lessons; actually, YOU know that moving through the challenges--be it a:

  • "failed" launch
  • client who wants a refund
  • month in the red
  • your spiritual awakening the exact thing that will make you stronger as a leader.

In leadership, bypassing emotions is not an option.

Pushing emotions down or tossing them to the side is the fastest way to have a sneak attack of sickness or burnout--and ain’t NOBODY got time for that.


Learning how to sit with and actually process your feelings so you can heal and clear them OUT of your system is what gives you that grounded energy that fuels your work from a place of confidence rather than scarcity.


Process the pain of being rejected on that sales call,

Or having your business bff copy your content and call it their own,

Or the troll who criticized you in the exact way you don’t want to be criticized,

Or the judgement you placed on yourself for how you were out of integrity last year.

Processing is Your New Superpower.


3. Buying into the Narrative That You Have To Do It Alone


Pretending like you have it all figured out is so 2018.


In all seriousness; this may actually be a way for your ego to trick you into not taking responsibility for higher levels of leadership.


If you don’t ask for help, you don’t have to make changes.

Or if you don’t ask for help, you don’t have to confront the fact that you don’t want to be seen as someone who asks for help.


The truth is: you are perfectly imperfect in the student role. Embrace the curiosity inside of you that’s interested in learning more, expanding your knowledge wheelhouse, and diving into deeper layers of yourself.


Learning from someone doesn’t make you less than, nor does it mean you “don’t have your shit together.”


We’re going to be diving into new skills, new tools, practices, rituals, and more.


This is HUMAN stuff, that gets to be learned over and over as long as we are leaders.


Ask for the help. Sign up with us.

I never thought of myself as a leader, until...


I was confronted with the responsibilities of one. Making more money is a really incredible thing; AND, no one prepares you for the level of responsibility required of you when you outsource and start paying team members, are holding space for 30-100 clients at a time, and decide to devote yourself to fulfilling a purpose bigger than yourself.


As a 24 year old, I always thought, "Who the HELL am I to lead this mission? Why me? Who do I think I am? All of these followers were an accident, I mean...I didn't ASK for this."


I'm young.

I'm introverted.

People-pleasing patterns ran my life.

I wasn't decisive.

I wanted everyone to be happy.

I didn't want to upset anyone.

But yet, every single opportunity was placed directly in front of me so I could move through all of this and become the leader I needed to be.


Scaling to 7-figures, spending $200k+ on mentorship, team, and personal development, dealing with my deep shadows and ego I'd never looked at before, navigating a long-distance open relationship of a lifetime, all while HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of people were watching me?


Welcome to my Leadership Awakening.



As a creator (archetype) with tons of ideas and a desire for freedom— 

I got grounded in systems, structures, delegation, and automation.

As a kind person who always sees the good in everyone—

I learned the art of firm, direct boundaries around who received the gift of my energy.

As a conflict-avoidant people pleaser (enneagram 9)—

I’ve truly embraced conflict and hard conversations like a motherfucker, and now feel mentally and emotionally prepared for anything.

As a projector on human design who doesn’t have natural energy—

I’ve learned how to protect it, generate it, and clean it up through my rituals and relations.

As someone who never felt fit to lead—

I finally took responsibility and claimed my leadership by doing it my way; truthful, transparent, direct, and authentic.

The Top Tools For the Conscious Leader:


  1.  Aligned Business Strategy
  2.  A Personal Code To Live By
  3.  Powerful Practices To Cultivate and Protect Energy
  4.  An Emotional Regulation Toolbox
  5.  Conscious Communication Skills
  6. Practical Application of Consciousness to Business


These tools help you:


  • Do MORE with LESS effort
  • Feel FREE within your client, audience, and team relationships
  • Accomplish so much MORE than ever because you have a strong foundation to build on
  • Make a lot more MONEY.

The Conscious Leadership Code:

"Image is what people think we are. Integrity is what we really are."

— John C. Maxwell

Avoiding Your Imposter Syndrome By Projecting A False Sense of Authority Isn't Helping. 


Everyone wants to be seen as the authority, but most of us feel like an imposter who doubts themselves at every new level. In avoiding looking at this part of ourselves, we end up externally projecting this false authoritative persona to our audiences, creating energetic gaps of trust with them. 


Let's face it; you don't want your sales to be affected. You don't want people to see you differently. You don't want to look like an unstable leader with blindspots.


But the truth is:

Conscious Leaders know they always are learning, always have blind spots, and are never the "guru" or the "expert."


This Program Is For You If You've Ever:

  • Felt triggered when other leaders in your niche are selling the same offer as you, and you feel like they’re taking something from you


  • Become increasingly anxious and scarce when you launch something--terrified of what might happen if you don’t reach your numbers.


  • Had a client become angry with you when having an email exchange about refunds (yikes) and had to then do damage control navigating angry emotions via email


  • Struggled to know what to do when you felt emotional charge with how a client is showing up with you, and the relationship didn’t end well


  • Felt overwhelm, judgement, or resentment toward your team for “not doing it good enough” and ended up feeling jaded around hiring.


  • Posted something on social media so people saw that you were doing well to make sure you got good engagement before a launch, but you were really feeling like shit and posting to perform.


Your Follower Count, Launch Numbers, and Profit Margins Don't Define You; Stop Letting Them Steal Your True Power.


If you want to know how to feel truly'll learn to stop giving away your power to external sources.


The client who wants a refund.

The launch with a financial goal you "need."

The post you want so badly to go viral.

The potential of not reaching your monthly projected income.

The fear of how others will judge you as not having it all together.

The control you cling so tightly to, leaving you unable to destress and surrender.

The other influencers in your industry who are seemingly "taking" your clients, "copying" you, or just straight up triggering your insecurities.


You can reclaim your power from ALL of this. 


Here’s Why You May Be Experiencing This:


Let’s face it: business is one, big old spiritual awakening.


You are constantly faced with situations and experiences that mirror to you the places inside that still have unresolved wounding or trauma, and every time you get out of your comfort zone or expand into new levels of leadership: you have to keep processing and healing in order to move forward.


What happens when you begin to shift from “I coach people” to “I lead my community and am very aware that they are heavily influenced by everything  I do and say?"


You either choose to LEAN OUT or LEAN IN.


When you lean OUT, you've chosen to not do the work, and stay in your smallness. To avoid looking at that unresolved material because it feels like too much; too much responsibility, pain, processing, or changes you have to make.


When you lean IN, you’re required to do the work around processing whatever it is that’s making it difficult for you to really step in. You take responsibility for the conversations you need to have, the feelings you must feel, and the scary actions you must take within that new level of the game.

6 Wounds That May Be Running Your Business Right Now

In business, there are different experiences we have that provide us with evidence of our deepest fears coming to life. If you've ever experienced challenges in your business, you may fall into one or more of these categories:

1. The Wounded Influencer:

→ A slave to their audience out of fear of judgement or criticism; unable to fully claim their opinions, experiences, or even desire for more money. They believe their audience controls their fate, because they could be cancelled at any moment. They are the puppet at the mercy of their "audience" who "supports them."

2. The Wounded Marketer:

→ Unconsciously projects their wounding by weaponizing their words to sell more products to their customer. Either using power dynamics, passive aggressiveness, or hyperbole to elevate themselves above their customer to ensure the sale is made and they feel better about themselves as a result.

3. The Wounded Creative:

→  Lacks focus, discipline, and structure; therefore, never truly succeeds within their creative endeavors. They allow their idea overwhelm to consume them; resisting any form of structure for fear it would restrict their freedom. Their ideas rarely come to fruition to the extent they deserve.

4. The Wounded Teacher:

→  The overly critical and judgmental, highly-qualified educator who projects their wounding of not being perfect or achieving enough onto others. They cling to control and struggle to surrender to the process, therefore always being spun in an anxiety loop of perfectionistic tendencies and disconnection.

5. The Wounded Coach:

→  The service provider who over-works and undercharges in the name of service and transformation. They work from the wound of the martyr, the hero, the helper; worthy only when serving or helping others succeed. Their worthiness wounds hold them back from serving at their highest capacity with higher rates, stronger boundaries, and clearer expectations. 

6. The Wounded Entrepreneur:

→  The business owner who uses work as a means to escape the truth of their emotional experience and softness. Work, success, production, implementation, and execution are their validation-rewards system that's driving them to burnout and lack of fulfillment. 



“Our capacity to make peace with another person and with the world depends very much on our capacity to make peace within ourselves.”

- Thich Nhat Hanh

That’s why leaders need to be held in a container themselves, as they learn how to lead themselves and lead others around them.


That’s Exactly Why I Created…

Pay in Full


One time Payment


Payment Plan


for 3 months


What's Inside The Bundle: 

The Conscious Leadership Experience is a bundle of six Consciousness Workshops to expand your education and toolbox for leading yourself,  your clients, and your brand.

The first iteration of this program is a 6-Week Coaching container (which will be re-launching in the new year!)

...but for right now: you can get the Six Core Conscious Leadership Workshops to go through on your own!

These workshops are for you if you are:

  • CRAVING more embodied information on how to navigate the challenges you face in leadership
  • Wanting to go deeper than mindset in your own practices as a leader so you can break past financial and growth plateaus
  • Desiring practical processes, prompts, and new tools to add to your toolbox for things like:
    • Energy Management
    • Purpose and Brand Positioning
    • Emotional Regulation
    • Breathwork
    • Entrepreneurial Shadows
    • Masculine / Feminine Energy Dynamics in Business
    • Conscious Communication

Normally, this course retails for $3,500 with coaching included.

And each workshop retails at $350 each, at minimum.

This offer should be closer to $2,500 for the entire bundle of workshops….


But for the next FIVE days, you can get the entire Conscious Leadership Experience Workshop Bundle for only $777!

Pay in Full


One Time Payment


Payment Plan


for 3 months


Learn Embodied Leadership Tools and Integrate Them Into Your Life

The Workshop Bundle will provide you access to Six Leadership Workshops

Each Workshop is Will Help You Become A Conscious Leader



7 Additional Trainings On:

- Moving Through Resistance

-Generating Energy

- Somatic Embodiment Practices

- Effectively Planning Your Week

- Freeing Up Energetic Blockages

- Compassionate Self-Forgiveness

- An Embodiment Breathwork Workshop with Guest Leader: Stevie Wright

Pay in Full


One Time Payment


Payment Plan


for 3 months


Jessica Glazer: 7-Figure Business Coach and Education Leader

"I started working with Amanda a year ago, and my intention was to find a mentor who could help with strategy and tactical business planning. What I didn't realize or expect was to be cracked open, challenged, and given a container to do the real work I needed. Yes, Amanda has helped me scale my business and double my income in just a year. But, the real gift of working with Amanda has been the ability to truly step into my power, manage difficult conversations, reclaim my energy, avoid burning out (for the 3rd time), gain clarity around my bigger vision, and develop my skills as a leader. Her leadership is unlike anything I've experienced and I'm 100% confident that my own elevated leadership is a direct reflection of all she is teaching me and reflecting back for me."

The Secret Sauce: Here’s How It’s Gonna Work--

Leadership Workshops

Each Workshop is on one of the 6 Core Pillars of Conscious Leadership.

→ Each of these workshops will teach you processes, rituals, practices, communication skills, and leadership theories, and tangible processes to expand your perception of what's possible for you and your community.

The workshops will be 1/3 education, 1/3 experiential with me, your host!

The experiential part will be real, tangible tools you can take with you and deepen on. We'll have 2 guest leaders as well to guide you through embodiment practices.

Self-Assessment Trainings

Putting Theory Into Practice will come in the form of the Companion Self-Assessments that accompany the workshops. You'll be receiving a digital workbook for the 6-weeks you're in the program to track your progress, habits, rituals, patterns, emotions, experiences, and energy.


These assignments will lead you through the forest of your own self-doubt and help you recognize (and reconcile) the deeper patterns that have been holding you back from your next level. 


These processes will come in the form of journaling, energy tracking, self-inquiry, belief-questioning, and more.


Megan Yelaney; Master Life and Business Coach

"Working with Amanda has been transformational in so many ways. The confidence and clarity I’ve gained from the conscious leadership work we’ve done has truly helped me claim my power as a business owner and human, and I  trust myself more than I ever have. Over the years of being her client, then working under her as a mentee, and now being her client again; she's been my mentor, through and through. She’s helped me work through so many moments of doubt and confusion from such a macro lens which has helped me really think about my business and life in such a unique way, which has massively improved my relationship with myself. My business is booming, but more importantly, I’m more aligned than ever and couldn’t be more grateful for her guidance."

Get The Workshop Bundle Now


One Time Payment


Normally, this course retails for $3,500 with coaching included.

And each workshop retails at $350 each, at minimum.

This offer should be closer to $2,500 for the entire bundle of workshops….

But for the next FIVE days, you can get the entire Conscious Leadership Experience Workshop Bundle for $997 $777!

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for 3 months


The Conscious Leadership WORKSHOP BUNDLE









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I'd love to do this LIVE with coaching, add me to the waitlist!