The Mastermind That Breaks All The Rules.


The Flourish & Conquer Mastermind is a 12-Week Group Coaching Experience beginning on September 22nd for entrepreneurs who are ready to fully meet themselves through building a business that matches their energy, potential, and bigness.

Our Coaching Philosophy is:

✰ Your business is a vehicle for your awakening.

✰ Your essence and energy are the core pillar of your business strategy.

✰ Healing your trauma, wounding, shadows, and developing nervous system regulation will be the key to your financial ascension and business success.

✰You can have a successful, big business without hitting burn out or losing yourself in the process.

✰ When the leader prioritizes their energy and pleasure, everything else falls into place.


If this sounds like you, keep reading. We might be the perfect group for you.

Do you crave a coach who understands you on both personal and professional levels?


So you've had success in your business so far, but you don't see how you can get out of the mess you've already created in getting to the 6-figure mark. Maybe you're totally full with one on one clients and don't see where there's room to create the new offers you desire, or like you're really (really) behind on making all of those "systems" everyone says you should have when you scale. Eeek.

You definitely need a program that teaches you how to do ALL of the business-growth and strategic things you don't know how to do.

AND there's something else you TRULY crave this year...

To feel like you can truly have a business that allows you to exist in the highest, most authentic expression of yourself...which doesn't feel like it's in reach right now.

Let Me Guess. You:

  • 😖Absolutely love what you do and you know it has the utmost potential to grow, but you’ve boxed yourself in with your current offers, prices, and client calls on your roster.


  • ❤️Spend all of your time holding space for other people and building your business, but don’t have anyone to hold space for you who truly understands what it's like to be in the shoes of a leader.


  • 🔥Don’t have any systems set up in your business, and have become burnt out, fatigued, and resentful of your business as a result.


  • 👩🏾‍🤝‍👩🏼Are tired of being the most successful person in your circle--coaching, and supporting everyone else without people at your level to bond with and relate to.


  • 👩🏿‍💻Desire a dope ass resourceful "dream team," but maybe had a *challenging* experience handing off tasks to someone who didn’t do them as well as you would’ve liked, so you backpedaled and have trepidation about hiring again.


  • 🎙Desire to play at a bigger level in your business (start that podcast, launch that program, claim that expertise), but your subconscious fears the safety zone you'll have to leave to truly step into that.


  • 🌈Have SO MANY ideas for offers you could create, but fear you won't pick the right ones or overwhelm yourself with all of those possibilities.


  • 💰Are no longer available to not fully lean into the potential you know you have not just to make a lot more money, but to truly have your external world match the value your highest self KNOWS is TRUE in your internal world.

Scaling to 20k, 40k, and even 80k months is not unusual for people who join this mastermind.

Business-wise: you have gotten yourself this far, which has been on YOUR own expertise and magnetism. You have the foundational elements of a powerful personal brand, and now you need the business-know how to match.


We teach you everything from organic social media and email marketing, systems and operation building, copy messaging and positioning, aligned team hiring and management, sales and enrollment processes, program building and launching, entrepreneurial archetype alignment, and everything else required to build a successful and sustainable multiple 6-figure service-based business.


In this mastermind, we will also be holding massive space for you to elevate and uplevel in the Leader You Need To Become to have the business of your dreams.


When the leader grows, the business grows--and that's exactly what we plan to support you on.


By applying for this mastermind, you are signing up for a long-term coaching experience that will challenge you to your core, and give you the opportunity to take real responsibility for your Inner Leader.

Sup babe, I'm Amanda.


I first began my business-scaling journey in January of 2017, when I joined my first mastermind. Upon entering, I felt like the least-experienced person in the room, but so eager and hungry to absorb all the knowledge I possibly could from people who were older, wiser, and more skilled in the realms of business and digital marketing.


My business' revenue tripled that year--going from $225k to $750k. This makes for a very cool and ultra-impressive statistic, but there was something extremely key missing in my journey that catalyzed an avalanche of mistakes, put out fires constantly, and need to backpedal years later:



The thing about scaling past the 6-figure mark, is that no one really tells you what other problems arise. You are at a stage where you don't know what you don't know:


☞ the challenges you'll face when you have to hire people, and fire them.

☞ the fatigue you'll feel when all of your offers are full and you've put way too much on your plate

☞ the feeling of resentment you build against your business when you choose to run an offer you don't totally love

Having someone along the way to keep you on YOUR most aligned path is one of the most underrated keys to actually building a successful, sustainable multiple 6-to-7 figure businesses.

I know from experience because I built a 7-Figure business I didn't actually want.

I tried all the things.

Fixing it with Facebook ads.

Outsourcing all the roles that drained me of my energy.

Created new offers to make sure we had products for customers at every stage in their journey.

Hired multiple mentors for different things.

Spent time developing company culture, KPIs, and hosted team retreats.

Learned all things finances.

And ultimately...I was building a business I was trying to run away from.

It wasn't until I really was confronted with looking at my truth, my energetic template, and my core wounding that I finally built the business model, structure, and offers that allowed me to feel effortless ease and fulfillment at every single step of the way.

The 10 Elements of the Aligned Entrepreneur:


For Optimal Business Growth

Optimize your launch, email marketing, social media content creation systems, and branding.


For Time, Freedom, and Flow

Project management, repeatable processes, operating the business, automation, delegation.


For Generating Revenue with Ease

Content, Communication, Automation, and Enrollment Mastery


For Walking Your Customer Through a Journey

Group Coaching, 1:1, Memberships, Concept, Structure, Pricing, Positioning


Becoming the CEO

Vision, Values, Legacy, Hiring, Firing, Mindset, and Culture


For Increasing Brand Awareness

Growth, Press, Media, Guest Expert Interviews, Collaborations, Partnerships, Events


For Staying Centered in Chaos

Body, Energy, and Emotional Regulation to support your growth as you step into a new level of power.


For Ease and Efficiency

Business modeling and strategic decision making based on your essence (Entrepreneurial Archetype breakdown)


For Flow, Ease, and Purpose

Make decisions that feel correct for YOU and no one else, so you can access the infinite well of energy and creativity within.


To Be the Conscious Leader

Becoming more conscious is the #1 job of the human-- your personal growth has a direct correlation to the quality of your life.

Our Mastermind Members Are: 

  • Cool human beings😎

  • 👩🏽‍💻Online Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Service Providers, or Creatives in the business, wellness, health, fitness, spirituality, sex, love, relationships, consulting, or personal development spaces 

  • Entrepreneurs who envision their businesses generating  $100k-$750k 💰 in revenue in 2022, but know they need major support to ensure that vision comes to life

  • TBH: probably on the brink of a major personal/spiritual awakening 🔥 Every 2020 mastermind member had one of the most intense personal/professional growth years of their lives, and this was the group they processed in.

I'm ready, where's the application?


I started this Mastermind in 2018 with the intention to support powerful women in stepping into their highest form of self-expression and purpose.


My personal coaching philosophy is Alignment Over Everything. If you join this mastermind, you better prepare yourself to look deeply at your true desires, uncover your unconscious fears and blocks, and become deeply connected to your authentic truth.


This Mastermind WILL be the place where you fully step into yourself, building the business that allows you to follow your most authentic-soul journey.


This means I will be challenging the fuck out of you to regularly audit and investigate what's going on in your ego, consciousness, attachment styles, fears, and more.


After having been in multiple masterminds that have all shaped my business growth in one way or another, the core challenge I faced was to NOT compare myself and contort my business to look more like my mentors or like the others in the group.


This group is different. You WILL be focused on individually, and guided to learn how to make choices that are in YOUR highest alignment--not anyone else's.

One of my favorite mentors--Tim Bishop--once asked me one of my favorite questions of all time that has shaped my coaching philosophy:


Who do you need to let go of, in order to step into who you're becoming?




Big-time TV Producer turned Yogi Turned Business Coach for Conscious Leaders, Melissa excelled in her business within the first three months of starting it. 

Melissa went from $3k months in her first month...

To $10k by her third month...

To hitting a $30k month within 6 months..

And her first $50,000 month within 10 months!!

This woman has power, work-ethic, and energy galore. She's a force to be reckoned with.

Melissa plans on reaching more than $250,000 in 2020, all while taking three entire moths off to travel (post COVID-19.)

"I decided to hire Amanda and joined her high level mastermind only 3 months after starting my business...Was I ready? Probably not, but I believed in myself and I was willing to take a chance. The next month--my business TRIPLED."

Jess Glazer (founder of Empower University) worked tirelessly as a fitness professional and teacher, making less than $60k/year. 

Once she cracked the code of business, she began showing other burnt-out fitness professionals her methods and scaled her business to $100k/months in 2019. 

"After 6 months working with Amanda (and Elran) I not only doubled my business revenue and scaled to a half million dollar company, but I was finally able to streamline my systems/processes

Before joining the F&CMM, I was working in a very reactive state; constantly putting out fires and hustling my way into burnout. 

Since organizing the backend of my business and tapping into my feminine energy, I've been able to work from a passive aligned state; giving me more space and energy to be creative and flow. 

I can't thank Amanda and the team enough for not just the business growth and clarity, but the personal growth and tribe of like-minded women!"

Gabrielle (known for her viral Instagram account: @om_therapy_coaching ) is a trained psychotherapist working as a coach for Leaders in the Mental Wellness Space.

Gabby joined the Mastermind to learn how both get more of her time back (and stop being spread so thin) while also developing new offers that allow her to fulfill her mission of helping the world heal.

Since joining, Gabby has made MASSIVE strides and is now running a scalable 6-figure coaching business fulltime, launched an Online Wellness Center called "The Collective" during the COVID-19 crisis, and pivoted to serving other wellness-warriors in her space. She's focused on scaling to $15-20k+ months in Q2!

Leading Expert in Type 1 Diabetes and Health, Lauren quickly rose to the top of her industry by serving the T1D community with everything from nutrition programs, to the Diabetic Health Journal, to full-fledged courses and coaching programs.

Investing in this mastermind was hands down the best decision I've made in my career. Not only did I triple my revenue this year, but I did it in a way that is aligned with my overall vision for my company. I feel like a real CEO vs an entrepreneur . And I have made the most incredible relationships that I am forever grateful for. Over the last 8 months, Amanda and Elran have invested in my best interest always and they will do that for you, too." - Lauren Bongiorno

 + A Top-Notch Business and Personal Development Education

To help you get the most out of this Mastermind Experience, we've curated a curriculum of content that weaves business and consciousness together. You'll learn everything from Nervous System Regulation, Building an Aligned Product Suite, Business and Launching Energetics, Strategic Financial Planning, Shadow Work, Content Creation, Dream Team Building, Email Marketing and Funnels, Money and Abundance, and more. This content is not general mindset or business content. It's business for the higher-consciousness individual who values nuance, practical application, and acting in accordance to their values.

Value: $10,000


Hearing, listening to, and experiencing what other people are doing in their businesses is one of the most invaluable experiences you can have in a mastermind. The people are everything. Use this space to work through your week to week challenges that arise during launches, pivots, or team challenges.

Value: $10,000


Over the years of running a business, I've compiled excel and word document templates that make writing sales pages a breeze, tracking finances simple, executing an enrollment call a piece of cake, and building Instagram story templates like a boss. Any template you need to make your life easier, we have it.

Value: $10,000


Having a place to vent, share what's coming up for you, and get feedback from Amanda, Elran, and your mastermind-mates is one of the most healing and important containers available for leaders. You need to have a safe space, too.

Value: $10,000



When you enter the process of scaling to and past six-figures, you don't know what you don't know. When things come up that you can't even think of right now (clients who want refunds, team members who aren't executing fast enough, someone calling you out online, anxiety around your launch) we're right there to support you throughout your process.

Value: $10,000


Yup: if you're writing copy for a launch, sales page, or anything else that may determine whether you survive or thrive--I'm right there to help make edits and provide marketing-strategy galore.

Value $5,000



If you've ever wanted to take one of my courses, you'll be given access to all of them for free. This includes Codes of Content, the Business Starter Codes Kit, and the Exclusive Mastermind Vault of Scaling Training Videos.

Value: $3,000


+ 1 LIVE IMMERSIVE RETREAT Oct. 7-8th in Austin, TX

In-person connection is one of the most powerful and transformative ways to uplevel your knowledge and completely expand your perspective of what's possible. This in-person retreat will be our intimate mastermind group full of hot-seat coaching, business model breakdowns, Spiritual Psychology emotional processing, all-inclusive food (accommodation not included), and a fun AF experience.

Value: $10,000


 TOTAL VALUE: $68,000


You also get a second coach, Elran Tsabag.

The secret weapon of this Mastermind? My right-hand man, Elran. Elran joined the Bucci Team in 2018 as the Head of Enrollment with an extensive sales background, along with a background in personal development and NLP. Elran is now a co-coach in the Mastermind, and is right there when all of our clients need him to show up to audit sales processes, ensure you are finishing your shit and will provide you the most loving kick in the ass you need. I say that I'm why people join, and he's why they stay (lol!) Truth. You will have two coaches who love you so hard right in your corner.

Results Like These Are Typical Of Our Members

More About Your Mentor For The Year:


Amanda is a business coach, conscious leadership coach, creative entrepreneur, and influencer. She helps digital entrepreneurs and creators start, grow, and scale their businesses using strategies rooted in authenticity, alignment, and transformational healing.

She's the host of the Bucci Radio Podcast [7 million+ downloads] and the founder of the Entrepreneurial Archetype Quiz™; a personality quiz for entrepreneurs to create faster, more effortless success by operating from who they are at their core.

After running 14 rounds of business and leadership group coaching programs that have collectively served over 280+ clients, she’s developed a method that people come knocking down her door for: one with the person’s core essence as the centerpiece of their business strategy.

Pulling from her Spiritual Psychology and Trauma-Informed Life-Coach certifications, real-world experience as the 7-figure CEO before the age of 25, and recognizing key patterns in her clients; Amanda has dedicated her entire career to supporting the modern-day digital leader in creating

  • Financial freedom
  • Spiritual liberation
  • Purpose-based fulfillment
  • Global impact through their businesses


This is the mastermind I wish I had.


Working with mentors and joining masterminds can get tricky.

How do you know what you really want, or how much you're doing something because your mentor suggested it?

How do you break free from your need to achieve higher, harder, and faster -- while still achieving the goals you want?

How do you not burn yourself out from working so hard to achieve the lofty finacial goals you set for yourself while paying for a business coach?

See, the thing is: you might not break free from these potential scenarios stepping into this level--I know I didn't.

I needed to try things on for size, to show myself that I could do whatever the hell I set my mind to, and that I'd figure it all out as I went.

And what I really needed along the way? A mentor to let me know I wasn't crazy, that this is completely freaking normal, and what the consequences of my decisions would be.

Not one thing is easier than the other.

A membership isn't easier than an in-person retreat, and a course isn't easier than a group coaching program.

Sometimes, we just need guidance as we try things on for size--because these decisions can be big, and to pull it off? Requires us to GO ALL IN with it.

I want to be there for you, while you go all in on your creations--being the realistic, supportive, warm, empathetic, and objective sounding board you need while you do it.

I want to give you every strategy and tool you'd need, while also making sure you're making decisions from your Center.

You deserve to fulfill your potential, and you deserve support from a community of people who won't let you lose yourself in the process.

I love you.


"Since joining this mastermind, I've shifted my internal views of launching and detaching from the outcome. I've been able to let go of any "control" feelings.  I know that is a huge aspect of my past and literally feel healed with it as I grow a team. I've learned that the more aligned I feel, the more I live in my strengths, the more fulfilled I am, and the more FUN that I am having, the easier money comes into my life, and the more clients I attract and the more impact I make."

So far, my IG following is up 34% M-o-M for the 4th month in a row, my engagement % is at its all time high (32%), I've attracted my first client who is really perfectly aligned with everything I'm doing, and I'm getting SO much more comfortable with the "sales process" overall, it feels exciting now instead of being a point of resistance. Overall I'm loving the process of bringing this vision to life, the joy of the process is my favorite part."

During my time in the mastermind so far, I've started to PAY THE FUCK ATTENTION TO MYSELF. I ask myself "why" a million times a day. Why did you say that? Why did you do that? Why did you feel like you didn't have something you needed? And also "what." What is the need? What is the belief? What is the core driver? And then I ask myself "how"? How can I implement the insights from the "why" and "what" questions? How can I align my actions and words with my desires & visions? How can I create the safety I need to feel in order to make shit happen?"

"I am much more aware of my limiting beliefs and how to work through them. When stuff comes up for me, I identify the thought, write it out, determine what it's roots are and then re-write it. I am no longer scared of the flow of money or lack thereof. I trust money now and I am able to allow myself to be supported and ask for help. As I have begun to work through these limiting beliefs, and continue to work through them, my business is more aligned, is growing and continues to grow, and overall I feel supported."

Feeling Called? Here Are Your Next Steps.

If you’re ready to take your business and self to the next level this year, then fill out the application below. 

We will review each application individually, and if we feel like you'd be a good fit, we'll reach out with next steps.

We'll use your application to get to know you, your business, your personality, and your needs to determine if the mastermind is the next best step for you.

We are so looking forward to getting to know you, and potentially working together this fall!

See you soon, babe.