with great visibility, comes great vulnerability.


The Content Creators Guide to Being Seen, Facing Judgement, and Building an Authentic Personal Brand.



with great visibility,
comes great vulnerability.


The Content Creators Guide to Being Seen, Facing Judgement, and Building an Authentic Personal Brand.

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This book is for us--the Content Creators of the Digital Age. It’s time for the world to have bigger conversations about what it means to be Followed.


The Internet started in the very early 90s—a mere three decades ago.


Social media began in the late 90s, peaking in the early 2000s with the inception of MySpace and Facebook.

And now, we live in a world where being a Content Creator is a common path to take….

Followed: The Content Creators Guide to Being Seen, Facing Judgment, and Building an Authentic Personal Brand is here to help creators like you feel supported in your journey, and to help you experience social media is your ally, not your enemy.

How can you grow and evolve with hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people watching your every move, and perceiving you through their lenses?

How can you create a healthy relationship with your brand—while constantly sensing that weight of external pressures and ever-growing expectations?

How can you consistently show up in each piece of content with authenticity and confidence, when you can almost always expect someone to misunderstand?

And how can you go from “just a person” to a full-fledged “brand” while maintaining your humanity and owning the responsibility that comes with being in the public eye?


The mere act of being followed—including the criticism, judgment, and expectation that social media brings—is one of the extraordinary tools for your personal growth.

"Followed is so much more than a guidebook for content creators on social media. Sharing her own personal journey Amanda Bucci offers a compassionate and trauma-informed perspective for anyone navigating our changing virtual landscape or looking to rediscover their authentic voice."

-Dr. Nicole LePera, Author of the #1 New York Times Times Bestseller How to Do the Work

Followed is for you if....

  • Are just starting out and want a step-by-step process to help you navigate the social media world and build an authentic online presence
  • Have established your presence but are looking for your unique niche, without feeling imprisoned by your online persona
  • Want to create content that lands, at your own pace, in a way that aligns with you, free from the immense pressure to constantly keep up with other Creators
  • Are ready to reinvent, innovate or pivot into your next iteration 
  • Want to know how to handle the haters, critics and trolls with grace, ease and compassion. 
  • Are looking to get out of the influencer-comparison game and define success on your own terms 
  • Are yearning to experience more strength and self-trust to say yes to opportunities that’ll provide you with more exposure, visibility, and growth
  • Want to actually enjoy and have fun on your social media and not get sucked in to the the stresses of social media
  • Familiarize yourself with tools to navigate emotional ups and downs, anxiety, uncertainty, rejection, judgment, and overwhelm related to your social media growth journey

Followed is written and designed for you- the Content Creator.

The world is talking about how to grow your audience, optimize your brand, and make money as a Content Creator—but who's talking about what you actually experience behind the scenes?

You’re a part of an ecosystem that’s rapidly transforming how we learn, exchange information, meet new people, and find ourselves.

Yet, there’s not much conversation happening about the impact being Followed has on us Content Creators–and how being dedicated to this role shapes your sense of self.

Followed is the first book of its kind–breaking down how to navigate those specific-to-creators’ experiences you have; validating your struggles and helping you make sense of your story.

And the ultimate goal of this book? To help you own your most authentic self while you make a home for it to flourish online. Every brand pivot, self-doubtful moment questioning what you’re sharing, or urge to dim your light is an opportunity to own you, even more.

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“Amanda Bucci has a brilliant way of sharing what true embodied integrity looks like in today’s digital landscape and truly leads by example.”


-Sahara Rose, Author of Idiot’s Guides: Ayurveda and host of Highest Self Podcast

“If I had Followed when I started creating content, I would have made more money, saved years of stress, and found my mission as a creator years earlier.”

-Lewis Howes, New York Times bestselling author of The School of Greatness

Hey, I'm Amanda 

I’m an entrepreneur, speaker, and Content Creator who helps people figure out what it means to be authentic. Since 2014, I’ve created hundreds of hours of video content to educate and entertain, published hundreds of thousands of words across all the major social media channels, and worked with clients ranging from first-year business owners to some of the most popular podcasters in the world. I specialize in helping people through the emotional work and practical steps to living authentically in their businesses, lives, and relationships.

Your exact background, experiences, skills and interests are exactly what this world needs. So are your quirks, fears and bits of humanity that feel messy. We’re all hungry for authenticity–and you living your life out loud online is exactly the medicine you get to offer. If you have the courage to be your most embodied self, the world will bring you all the aligned people, places, and opportunities you could ever dream of.

 “It’s been a joy for me to watch Amanda create massive impact and success online while navigating the traumas resurfacing in her business with grace and grit. Followed is her playbook for how you can do the same.”

-Mastin Kipp, trauma-informed coaching pioneer and author of Claim Your Power

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