3 Steps to 
Master in the Next 6 Months To Feel EFFORTLESSLY AUTHENTIC AND ON FIRE In Your Brand!

Learn my 3-step framework that will help you re-imagine the X.0 version of your brand that you’re *SO* obsessed with…that you become delightfully surprised by how much grounded and consistent energy + drive you have to work toward bringing it to life (even if you’ve felt stuck for a while)


Thursday, February 29th | 4pm CST









You’re awesome, smart, gifted, and so good at what you do and….you are SO freaking tired of your brand not being a reflection of All That You Are.

Whether you’ve been an entrepreneur for 1 year or 10 years….none of us are immune to the way our spiritual and personal growth can be a major *mind fuck* when we’re trying to build a business and brand—both of which thrive off stability and consistency.

Your identity has changed. You’ve evolved into a 5.0 version of yourself. You’re still making major upgrades…but as a result, it’s been difficult to “settle in” to your brand, offers, and content in a way that feels solid.

You know…so deep in your heart…that there’s a version of your brand that makes you completely LIGHT UP with energy..allows you to be EXCITED to execute and work…and is so authentic to you.

But…right now:

✅ Your message is feeling wishy washy (you’re figuring yourself out)

✅ You’re struggling to make those BOLD, declarative statements (you’re currently “under construction…)

✅ Parts of you are kind of jaded and exhausted by the emotional rollercoaster you’ve been on in business 

✅ You’re really a bit put off by people who LOOK like they have all their shit together online…because it illuminates a sense that there might be some missing puzzle piece you don’t know about.

I’m here to tell you: not only is there absolutely nothing WRONG with you (you know this), but you are actually not as far away from becoming an irreplicable, completely ON FIRE brand than you think.

Hi, I'm your guide Amanda Bucci 👋

In fact, I can guarantee that you can SIGNIFICANTLY shift this circumstance in just six months, if you commit to The Path.

Which is….Your Path. The Path of YOU. 

This masterclass is not another business and brand strategy that’s going to overlook the amount of work you've done to move through a massive personal evolution while trying to run a business and manage your relationships.

I completely understand that—as a coach, content creator, author, and entrepreneur of a decade who has made millions of dollars in my business...and chose to leave money on the table while I really figured out exactly what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be in the world...I've learned that following and trusting my intuition on that one has been SUCH a power move.

Give me 75 minutes of your time, and I promise to provide you with a perspective shift that’s going to make your Path back to feeling ON FIRE in your brand + business for the next 6 months wildly obvious.

You should leave feeling a big sigh of relief, knowing that: NO--you’re not crazy, and YES…there are practical steps you can take to move through this personal + brand identity shift in a way that helps you finally feel that “omg I am SOOOO clear on exactly what I’m doing and I have so much energy to do it!!”