3-day retreat to connect to the truth of your heart, overcome internal resistance to growth, and 
embody the person you know you get to be.



The Most Important Journey You'll Embark On Is The Path Of Knowing YourSELF. 


The pull to figure out what it means to live in alignment with your true nature, your higher self, your “this-is-so-naturally-me-it’s-deniable” self is stronger than ever before.

😵‍💫Whether it’s begrudgingly realizing you need to make yet another change to your business to be more congruent with the evolutions of self you've had…

♥️Seeing the way you’ve avoided enforcing boundaries or owning your desires in relationships, and settling for less-than-ideal dynamics that you know could be even more rich and fulfilling…

🤷🏽‍♀️Or simply how you’ve resisted your own greatness by staying in a seemingly “easier” middle space where you’re avoiding grief, and not fully experiencing the magic of your gifts


You know it’s time to feel what it’s like to See (and feel, trust, and embody) Your Higher Self.


🛡By disarming your protective patterns (like people-pleasing, perfectionism, self-judgment, projection, blame, victimization–that we all find ourselves in)...

☀️Nurturing your pain and vulnerability like the innocent, younger version of you that deserves love and tenderness..

🏔And strengthening your highest self through aligned action, forward motion, and a sturdy foundation of self-trust…


You’ll feel your power return to your body, able to run full-steam ahead toward your the life your soul yearns for, while the tools and work feel light in your hands.



  •  Meet the higher version of yourself - the one you know exists deep down, the one that is filled with confidence, courage and love.
  • Make the kind of money you’ve always wanted to make peacefully and with ease
  • Transform old relationships or attract new ones that have the level of depth, love, and enthusiasm you crave
  • Be the leader of the kind of community you’ve always wanted: one that’s real, loving, and connected by a greater purpose
  • Learn the no-bullshit formula for manifesting exactly what you want in any area of life 
  • Have a new found ability to regulate your emotions in a freeing and expanding way.
  • Release years of shame and guilt by meeting your shadow with depth.
  • Experience full confidence in your ability to do all of these things









"Its hard to sum up in a reel or image what the SEE YOURSELF retreat did for me …but damn if it’s not the most important thing I’ve shared so here it goes. Her vision, plan, freedom within her own framework, and execution in showing us OUR individual process (not just her process) did exactly it’s intention: I SEE myself fully, now and fuckkkk.

I  can FEEL my power at all times, know my true strengths, and have a beautiful vision for the design and embodiment of a life (My Life!!!!) that I truly didn’t think I was deserving of before.

I learned that curiosity and playfulness go hand in hand with the deep emotional work some of us are practicing, and that it is JUST as important (more ) - as the tactile administrative work we gruel ourselves through daily.

We have one human life, and we are ALL so powerful - but we have to learn and unlearn so much to see and FEEL IT fully. 

I feel like I was fucking REBORN Wednesday night. (me being reborn)

By connecting to the deepest parts of myself more, trusting my intuition, and understanding / vocalizing my real desires - I unlocked more purpose in 3 days, than I have in 10 years.

I trust myself more than ever, can release judgement, even and especially my own, - and have learned practices that will change my life and how I exist in moments of deep anxiety and depression, forever.

I just feel lighter, brighter, bolder, a version of myself thats literally on fire.

I am scared of nothing.

I am on the war path of experiencing every edge and crevese this human life has to offer.

…And will burn down anything that try and relinquish that goal.

Amanda, thank you 🙏🏻 - Rage filled beautiful tears fill my eyes as I close this caption …but only because there is just SO much more to come.

-Alex Trakas, Co-Founder / Owner / CEO BASH Boxing
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  • Rituals and ceremonies to anchor in intentions as a group
  • Personalized Life Coaching from Amanda Bucci & Marialuisa Ferro 
  • A weekend-long curation of your new personal practices specific to you to embody the person you’re stepping into
  • A gorgeous mansion in amidst spiritual Joshua Tree, CA with complete with a hot tub, gorgeous calming aesthetics and close by to the National Park
  • Healthy, nutritious, and fresh meals all weekend long
  • Connective conversation prompts to solidify sisterhood friendships
  • Curated breakthrough sessions to catapult you on your healing journey
  • A community people with shared values, all coming with the intention to deeply connect through love, growth, and mutual encouragement. 
  • Reiki Energy Healing + Sound Healing Experiences
  • Tarot Card readings during in between sessions
  • An Ecstatic Dance Experience to experience the physical embodiment of inner freedom as our closing ceremony.


The See Yourself Retreat is intentionally designed to support you in truly experiencing yourself through education, practice, embodiment, and integration of each new piece of personal information.

  • A Brand New Toolbox of Skills + Resources: the tools that you'll use every single day, for the rest of your life on your journey of authenticity and alignment---priceless 
  • Emotional Regulation: tools and techniques for you to really feel, accept and regulate your emotional wellbeing - making you an unstoppable force 
  • Containment: develop safety and structure through, clear expectations, consent-based communication, and your internal toolbox
  • Intentionality: deep purpose behind each and every action, backed with awareness and a guiding north star in the direction of growth
  • Authentic Purpose: put language to your authentic purpose as a human being so as to follow your inner guidance in all of your business and career endeavors
  • Embodiment: actually feeling the confidence, power, clarity, and strength in your body, rather than just your mind. knowing you can go out into the world after and do i
  • Shadow Work: Learn what is holding you back and where shame still may be lurking, then learn how to let it go in order to strongly embody that inner freedom.
  • Leadership: being the first, the initiator, the breaker of patterns in your communities to create the life you want.
  • Authentic Relating: learn to communicate and navigate through your romantic, platonic, business, or other relationships through boundary work, clear expectations, and conscious communication practices
  • Psychology: becoming the witness of your inner world, working through mental walls and resistances, and releasing shame. Be able to work with the different parts of yourself to allow yourself to fully receive your desires.
  • Community Building: create a friend group, an engaged audience, and a community of people who are all emotionally invested in developing, maintaining, and supporting the connections built because they see the power of being in a community.

Hear From Past See Yourself Attendees


"My intention was to gain more insight about myself during this big life transition, connect with new people, and get out of my comfort zone.

I found that me intention was ABSOLUTELY fulfilled. I learned A LOT about myself especially being in a room full of strangers being vulnerable for days. 

I felt like the first night was great to ease into things simplistically and slowly. The second day did feel heavy for more as we focused a lot on the dark nights of the soul and shadow work. The third day I felt like I moved through a lot of that heavier energy and into a space of more clarity, light heartedness, and play.

I thought as a recovered people pleaser, I was good to go. No, I just switched to creating a world where I had a false sense of safety. And that is no way to live

I particularly loved having two retreat leaders. It was powerful and helpful to see two very different people embodying their authentic selves with different teaching styles, humor, demeanors, and just overall seeing how two people that have clearly done 'the work' can come across.

 I found myself at times just sitting and smiling at both Marialuisa and Amanda because of how beautiful they were inside and out and just being in their presence -- I felt safe, accepted, and not judged. I have told many of my friends about this experience and how it was the first time in my life that I have been in a room full of of people and there was zero judgement from me or anyone else. 

And they were strangers!! how beautiful. It has opened to my eyes to how much more I would like to be in spaces like that and more importantly, to LIVE like that."

 -Devin Lorin

"My intention was to see myself and accept myself wholeheartedly. As well as figure out what’s holding me back from fully claiming the identity of a coach and believing in myself and my business.

The most impactful part of the retreat for my healing was the shadow work. I feel like I now understand why I couldn’t claim the big and bold parts of me. Because I was rejecting that the opposite of those traits also live within me. It made me realize I need to tend to the 11-13yr old me that took on insecurities and limiting beliefs that no longer serve us!

I also really enjoyed the meditations and being able to now understand that their are different parts of us that we get to look at independently but collectively (mind, emotions, subconscious, etc)

I would tell someone wanting to do this retreat to DO IT! It’s an experience that will lead to a deeper understanding of yourself and you will leave feeling more empowered with skills and tools to help you navigate any pattern that comes up in your life! And if you’re feeling lost and alone on your journey, being in a room full of people doing the inner work will help you feel seen and understood ♥️"

- Julyana




Hi, I’m Amanda! I'm a Life + Leadership Coach + Spiritual Guide, helping real people find solace and peace in their businesses and lives by building them with their authenticity as the core, foundational model. I found this to be my position in the industry after scaling my coaching and education business extremely quickly, failing to feed my soul along the way, and reaching burnout before the age of 25 years old. Since then, I've become devoted to help people become the leaders and creators of their own lives by accessing a core-level understanding of the nooks and crannies of their personalities, knowing the truth of their hearts, and following the callings of their souls.

In my studies of spiritual psychology, subconscious reprogramming, conscious communication, reiki, trauma-informed coaching, and intentional living--I've found that in-person experiences with experiential learning can help you actually FEEL the changes in your body faster than anything else.

That is called embodiment: not just knowing in your mind, but knowing in your body--who you are, why you're here, what direction to go, and how to live your fullest potential.

I've facilitated 20+ in-person business and life alignment retreats, and this will be the first of its kind!



Hi, I'm MariaLuisa, I’m a trained Transformational Life Coach and Energy Healer who works with people who lack confidence and support them to harness their power and authentic self expression.

After training at Animas Center for Coaching in London, I’ve gathered many powerful tools and techniques that are centered around building the everlasting change needed to catapult potential.

With a compassionately intuitive, no BS approach, my gift is supporting people to overcome limiting beliefs and release narratives that no longer serve them. I do this through traditional coaching methods, energy healing, and somatic work.

I am also a certified reiki healer and support people move through small and big energetic shifts to propel them into a state of healing old wounds and patterns.

You are worthy of a holistic life upgrade –and I’m here to make sure that happens.

I take a human rights based approach to my coaching and am long life advocate of social justice. I have a Masters in Global Politics from the LSE and I have worked in social justice with a specialty in women’s and minority rights for 15 years. I am currently the Director of Programs at LA Based non profit:




  • Are craving a container where you can drop the masks, be truly seen, and experience the acceptance of all parts of yourself
  • Want to reinvigorate yourself with purpose, direction, and drive
  • Are a huge personal development nerd and want to learn more about energetics, psychology, somatics, manifestation, shadow work, embodiment, repatterning the subconscious, and more.
  • Would love to learn to connect to and trust your intuition more
  • Relax into your authenticity and build a life that helps you be the most expansive version of yourself
  • Want to learn both HOW it works along with experiencing it in your body through play, connection, and intimacy, and experiential embodiment practices



I Am Connected Package (8 Spots)


Here’s what's included:

  • A 3-night stay at the Joshua Tree vacation home with a shared bedroom 
  • All group workshop experiences, sessions, discussions, and activations

  • All meals, snacks, and drinks are included

  • A special gift bag with gifts to remember your experience

Travel not included*

I Am Radiant Package (1 Spot)


Here’s what's included:
  • Everything in the I Am Connected Package

  • Private Bedroom

  • One additional (90 minutes) 1:1 private coaching call with Amanda post-retreat

 Travel not included*

A few days ago I attended the See Yourself Retreat in Austin, Texas hosted by the magnificent Amanda Bucci. I’ve needed some time to revisit the many, many beautiful, difficult, and magical moments to absorb the lessons from this powerful experience.

Over the last few months I have been sitting in the unsettling awareness that I’ve been playing it safe. I felt stuck in a rut of work, planned exercise, and comfortable relationships.

I felt like I was sleep walking through life as a shell of the woman that I am deep down.

Day after day, I couldn’t shake this feeling that I was made for so much more. I gave myself permission to slow down; the quieter I allowed myself to get, the louder I felt the call to break out of the safe little life I’d created.

But I didn’t know how to find my “something more”.

If this version of me wasn’t the deepest, most authentic version … what is? And how do I get there? Over the last few months I’ve allowed myself to start exploring who I am and how I want to live.

This retreat took those little seeds of discovery and gave them the opportunity to blossom.

I am eternally grateful to Amanda Bucci for living into her most authentic self, just being around you provides unspoken permission for us to do the same.

To Rea Lyn for seeing into me and holding me in a deeply uncomfortable moment - you showed me how to accept support in extreme vulnerability and gave me an illustration of truly powerful feminine energy.

To all the beautiful and loving new friends that I had the pleasure of witnessing and being witnessed by - love you forever. I walked into the retreat with zero expectations. I left with full permission to explore, see, and be myself; To let go of doing it alone and relax into doing it together;

And to find the tools and support to live into my 8+ self-expression.


Today my truest self is a mermaid in Mexico who dances and plays in the waves with a 5 year old’s enthusiasm, and I’m so happy that I finally have the tools to embody her ❤️

-Molly O'Brian, Fitness Trainer
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