The 1:1 Personal Power Mentorship Experience For Leaders Who Get It

Are you leading your business, social media community, team, and life right now--and desire to be met, held, and guided in the next season of your journey?

Let's See If You're A Fit

The common denominator at the epicenter of your business, relationships, and experience of life is You.

Stop for a moment and let go of the noise of your routine, never-ending "to do, build, create, and be" list, the healing cycles you’re currently navigating, and everyone with whom you're responsible to—notice this one thing:


There is something much deeper than you can even imagine–yet, you know it’s there–guiding you to become more consciously aware of who you truly are.

Whether it’s:

  • navigating the emotional intricacies and responsibilities of being a personal brand
  • the leader to your team driving a big mission forward in the world
  • or a partner who is trying to heal deep generational trauma while working to create space for the most truthful, authentic versions of you to be liberated...



You're already on the path of serving a deeper purpose in the world--now it's time to really embody that Person Who Can Hold It All.

That purpose is simply to be yourself–all of you, fully, loudly, proudly, expressed, and liberated, so you can share those gifts of your actualized and integrated self with others through the form of business, content, community, relationship, and love.


You feel me?

But in order to really do that–you know you’ve got to understand how you operate on a deeper level. 

So rather than watching your unconscious patterns be in the drivers seat of your life--you can be the one driving, guiding, leading, manifesting, and creating.

You--the witness, the soul, the consciousness.

These internal patterns are not in the way–they are, in fact, the way to lean into those edges that help you learn, grow, and integrate the deeper parts of yourself you didn’t even know existed.

Here's What You'll Learn:

Purpose + Business

Purpose, Direction, Core Essence, Core Drivers, Archetype Alignment, Brand Clarity, Offer Design + Optimization, Pivoting, Authentic Marketing, Delivery & Client Satisfaction

Emotional + Somatic Intelligence

Nervous System Regulation, Psychology, Exploring + Expressing Emotions, Somatic Tools, Body-Mind Connection, Compassion, Acceptance, Nonjudgement, Love

Relational Intellience

Communication, Clarity, Community, Intimacy, Conflict Resolution, Dynamics, Boundaries, Intentionality, Romantic Partnership, Friendships, Unconventional Relationships, Masc/Fem Integration


Core Motivation, Energetic Management, Systems + Processes, Stress, Energy Leaks, Burnout, Needs, Pleasure, Play,  Alignment

Identity + Intuition + Spirituality

Parts Work, Building identities, Shedding Identities, Parts Work, Ego, Shadow Work, Inner Child, Spirituality, Accessing Intuition


Expectations, Responsibility, Integrity, Mission/Vision, Team Management Embodiment, Devotion, Psychological & Emotional Maturation


It was a no-brainer for me to hire Amanda for a VIP day because what you see is what you get. She is smart as a whip when it comes to strategy—she is excellent—but the reason I chose her was because of who she is as a person. I felt safe as I am around her. I appreciated how she showed up; her transparency, vulnerability, and authenticity. Amanda doesn’t use formulaic approaches, she focuses on you. Hire her!

Vasavi K.
Online Presence Coach, Expert Speaker, Comedian

Think of me as your behind-the-scenes secret weapon: the quiet guide showing you all the secret doors to unlock within yourself, holding you in love and accountability while you walk through portals, lean into those scary edges, and expand your energetic capacity for abundance in money, relationships, and overall fulfillment.


The way I see it, is that we are all here to walk each other home. As your coach, I'm here to hold up a clean mirror so you can truly see yourself clearly and fully. There are hundreds--if not thousands--of external and internal barriers to that authenticity. 


But whether you're building an innovative, leading-edge business that's changing the world, exploring an unconventional relationship style that has you confronting your deepest fears, or seeking to learn more about how your Inner Operating Systems function for the betterment of your life--the outcome will ultimately manifest in you getting to be more...of you.


I’ve helped HUNDREDS of clients through big brand pivots, life transitions, creative ruts, flopped launches, spiritual awakenings, ego-deaths, relationship challenges, public Internet call-outs, building 6 and 7 figure brands, and burning it all down to the ground just to start over again from a more aligned place.


 And I can help you maximize your own potential through a gentle blend of energetic alignment, purposeful business and lifestyle design, emotional intelligence, subconscious pattern integration, identity building and embodiment, conscious communication--and so much more.  

Take It From My Incredible Clients 💛

 "THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THE SUPPORT. Like, allll of it, even and especially the subtle but potent energy of knowing that you're holding me in the background of all of this. Getting to do this with you has been such a blessing, and witnessing you show up consistently in your power and grace has been massively expansive."

-Fiona N.
Creativity Coach, Artist, Designer

"I was so drawn to Amanda’s work, there was so much alignment from our similar journeys. I respect the work she’s done and where she’s at in her life (business, relationships, sexuality, communication) – it’s the part of me I’m drawn to in her. I thought that I was going to expand and learn about business. I had an idea of maybe what was going to happen, but it completed exceeded my expectations."

-Leslie Klenke, Feminine Embodiment Coach

"Working with Amanda was the best investments I ever made, even if I’m not going to be an entrepreneur forever. This experience helped me so much with my personal growth, and was a benchmark for showing me what I still need to work on and what is possible for me, and for that I can’t say thank you enough."

-Rachel Thomsen, Ethical Fitness Coach

"It was a no-brainer for me to hire Amanda for a VIP day because what you see is what you get. She is smart as a whip when it comes to strategy—she is excellent—but the reason I chose her was because of who she is as a person. I felt safe as I am around her. I appreciated how she showed up; her transparency, vulnerability, and authenticity. Amanda doesn’t use formulaic approaches, she focuses on you. Hire her!"

-Vasavi K.
Online Presence Coach, Expert Speaker, Comedian

"Working with Amanda was hands down the best decision I've made in my career. Not only did I triple my revenue this year, but I did it in a way that is aligned with my overall vision for my company. I feel like a real CEO vs an entrepreneur . And I have made the most incredible relationships that I am forever grateful for. Over the last 8 months, Amanda has invested in my best interest always and she will do that for you, too." 

-Lauren Bongiorno

"After working with Amanda, I am much more aware of my limiting beliefs and how to work through them. When stuff comes up for me, I identify the thought, write it out, determine what it's roots are and then re-write it. I am no longer scared of the flow of money or lack thereof. I trust money now and I am able to allow myself to be supported and ask for help. My business is more aligned, is growing and continues to grow!"

-Artemis Scantilades

"My IG following is up 34% M-o-M for the 4th month in a rowmy engagement % is at its all time high (32%), I've attracted my first client who is really perfectly aligned with everything I'm doing, and I'm getting SO much more comfortable with the "sales process" overall, it feels exciting now instead of being a point of resistance. Overall I'm loving the process of bringing this vision to life, the joy of the process is my favorite part."

-Anna Turunen

"AMANDA IS JUST A COMPLETE GENIUS IN THIS SPACE OF HELPING YOU BUILD A BUSINESS WHILE STAYING ALIGNED AND IN YOUR INTEGRITY. If you're ready to step into more, Amanda will hold you through this space in such a loving, powerful way. Find a business coach who also understands consciousness, energetics, psychology, and walks the walk herself. She's helped me serve millions while protecting my energy and she's the reason I magnetized 1 mil in sales within my first 2 years of helping others. It's not about the money, but the energetics and inner work. RUN towards her because she knows what's up y'all without being icky or operating from a money-place."

-Gabby Ortega, MA,Holistic Health Coach

"Working with Amanda far exceeded my expectations. It was the biggest investment (per hour) I’ve made and I was really nervous, but it felt worth every penny. Amanda was so ADHD friendly and found ways of working with my brain, which is something I usually struggle with other coaches. She was patient, asked all the right questions, worked with my ups and downs, helped me gain so much clarity in next steps in my business, and gave me all the space I needed. If you’re someone who is usually disappointed with coaches and want to take a leap in someone - she’s your girlllll. Couldn’t recommend any higher!"

-Jaklin P., ADHD Coach + YouTuber

“Amanda created a space that made it comfortable to dive into the depths of the mind to unearth patterns in a safe environment while still having this element of play to it. Not only was I able to work through some traumas that were sitting inside of me since I was a kid, but I was able to release them and left with some very practical tools I can use when emotions become too powerful. For the first time in a while I feel I’m able to pause, breathe, and actually access my intuition despite it being so soft for so long. I’d strongly suggest to anyone who’s facing blocks in their life to go to one of these retreats as it brings a lot of clarity to what’s happening in the mind and body."

-Yogev Alamog, Digital Creator

I Work With Two Kinds Of People. Which One Are You?

The "I Don't Want To Waste My Time, Pigeon Hole Myself, Or Build Something I'll Grow Out Of" Person.


Being devoted to the path of alignment is courageous, as that path doesn't always look pretty or make sense to the outside world. But you are absolutely devoted to honoring your inner world and building everything around you from that place--even if that means pivoting, evolving publicly, burning things to the ground, and releasing what no longer serves you along the way.


Your legacy awaits you--and you need the right guidance, support, and encouragement from someone who understands you.

The "I Have An Established Leadership Role, But It's A Lot Of Responsibility To Lead And I Need Help Holding It All" Person.


The business that's bigger than yourself is now a full-fledged responsibility, and you're trying to figure out--how can you possibly hold it all? The team leadership, the never-ending projects and responsibilities, aligning your mission/vision/values with everything you're doing--and navigating everything in your personal life. This is a next-level, multi-person energetic dynamic that you're craving to be supported in. Whether you're exploring an open relationship, navigating marriage or community building, or figuring out how to find sustainability--it requires a holistic and integrative lens on the macro and micro levels.

Hi, I'm Amanda Bucci;
Leadership Coach, Energy Witch, Author, Founder.

Amanda Bucci is a business consultant, energy & alignment coach, influencer, and founder of the Entrepreneurial Archetype™ quiz. People come knocking down Amanda's door for many reasons, but primarily due to her experience and expertise in the convergence between business, personal branding, emotional intelligence, and transformational healing. Her method is informed by her certifications in Spiritual Psychology and Trauma-Informed Life Coaching, blended with practical, growth-oriented business strategy and systems. Whether it's through her private coaching, in-person retreats, group coaching containers, digital courses, or her new book
Followed: The Content Creators Guide to Being Seen, Facing Judgement, and Building a Thriving Digital Brand--Amanda is the go-to coach for those looking to step into growth, leadership, visibility, and authentic fulfillment in their work.

At Your Service;

In our coaching work, you'll have access to any and all of these tools to receive or integrate for yourself.

Business & Purpose 

  • Clarity & Direction That Energizes You
  • Highly Authentic, Sharp + Powerful Marketing
  • Brand Visibility & Authority
  • Team Dynamics & Leadership
  • Product & Product Suite Design Contextual To Your Entrepreneurial Archetype


  • Reiki Healing Sessions
  • Oracle Card Pulls
  • Guided Meditations
  • Psychedelic Trip Sitting/Guidance
  • Shadow Integration
  • Energetic Intelligence
  • Access to my network of healers

Self + Relationships

  • Conscious Communication
  • Friendship + Community Development
  • Epic Party Hosting 
  • Romantic & Sexual Relationships
  • Subconscious Pattern Integration
  • Nervous System Regulation Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence

"Working with Amanda helped me to connect to the deepest parts of myself more, trusting my intuition, and understanding / vocalizing my real desires - I unlocked more purpose in 3 days, than I have in 10 years. I trust myself more than ever, can release judgement, even and especially my own, - and have learned practices that will change my life and how I exist in moments of deep anxiety and depression, forever. I just feel lighter, brighter, bolder, a version of myself thats literally on fire. I am scared of nothing. I am on the war path of experiencing every edge and crevese this human life has to offer. …And will burn down anything that try and relinquish that goal.


-Alex Trakas, Co-Founder / Owner / CEO BASH Boxing

"Over the last few months I’ve allowed myself to start exploring who I am and how I want to live. Working with Amanda took those little seeds of discovery and gave them the opportunity to blossom. I am eternally grateful to Amanda for living into her most authentic self, just being around her provides unspoken permission for us to do the same. I walked into the retreat with zero expectations. I left with full permission to explore, see, and be myself; To let go of doing it alone and relax into doing it together; And to find the tools and support to live into my 8+ self-expression.


-Molly O'Brian, Fitness Trainer

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