You're On The Path 🧭


After a few spiritual awakenings ⚡️ jarring cycles of growth followed by burn out🔥, and realizing what it takes to keep a soft open heart 💜in your relationships...


You're realizing that achieving means nothing without that "feel it in your soul" ✨ level fulfilment and peace.


If you're on the path, you get that entrepreneurship is the transformational journey of a lifetime.

 Building a business and having a personal brand is a special cocktail 🍸of growth that asks us to stretch ourselves in the wildest ways at every twist and turn.

 🫠You've probably already navigated through your fear of being seen and witnessed for who you are, becoming strong enough to invite being wildly misunderstood...

 💰Your fear of what would actually need to change in your life (and within yourself) to have the success you desire...meeting and understanding the parts of who you are already too overwhelmed to deal with the life you already have...nevermind one that asks even more of you.

 ☠️The fear of the unknown, and the death of the identities that maintained a smaller, more familiar life that just aren't cutting it now that your creative, growth-based self is a stronger presence.

The Path Mastermind a 6-Month Group Program to teach you the blueprint to embodying your most abundant self. 


Through teachings, lectures, coaching, and creative will make a foundational shift in how you relate to yourself, your business, and your relationships that'll make you feel like "ahhhhh, I can finally see how it's possible to create everything I want" and be able to sink into that for the years to come.


The Path is best suited for the sensitive souls who are fantastic problem solvers, creative geniuses, deep philosophical thinkers, and big lovers + feelers who have the biggest hearts and purpose around their work and their relationships.

People like you (us!) are the ones who have been on The Path, boldly and courageously committed to their journey of self-growth, business expansion, and relational healing...

who yearn to be in witnessed and held a program that understands how intrinsically linked each of these parts of your life actually are.

And for someone who cares deeply about the inner work we can all be doing to free ourselves of limiting and toxic societal conditioning around hustle culture, diminishing ourselves to fit into "acceptable" boxes for other people, or living from fear or ego-based states. 


A message from me to you 💖

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Amanda, this mastermind seems different...what can I expect if I join? 

By joining The Path Mastermind 🌸 you’re signing up for a group coaching + educational experience with a small, intimate group of entrepreneurs, content creators, and leaders who are doing their inner work and are on “The Path” to their highest alignment in their business, relationships, and energy.

Because The Path Mastermind is designed to guide you in coming into the version of yourself who can balance — the curriculum you’ll be guided through is designed to support you in systematically taking the next right steps to help you:

1️⃣ build a solid foundation as you transition from the old version of your life/business to the new
2️⃣ become consistent and embodied in your “highest self” habits, and then
3️⃣ expand out by strategically adding more to your plate only after you’ve arrived at peaceful clarity so you don’t overwhelm yourself with burnout, but insteadmethodically build your empire.

Think of this The Path Mastermind as an Identity Upgrade Incubator 👉🏽 where you’ll be held while you navigate resistance, emotions while ultimately making MAJOR progress toward your vision.

You can expect your reality to be completely different by the end of the six months together, because we’ll be systematically making shifts on every level of yourself.

The Path Mastermind Starts In...









What You'll Learn:

💫🔐 Design your North Star Vision, where you will be guided through a process that will help you clarify, connect to, and align your habits + actions with your hearts deepest desires

If you’ve felt jaded or disconnected from your business (for about a million different potential reasons) expect this process to clear out the cobwebs of confusion and doubt and replace them with heart-centered invigoration and excitement. Excitement isn't everything, so you'll take that newfound clarity and organize your energy into the most important next steps to take you from stable, to consistent, to optimized, to expanded. I’ll share stories of how I accessed my own North Star Vision after three major career pivots over the course of 10 years.

🧘🏾‍♀️🦁 Creating + Execution of Your Personal Power Practice

Your energy and ability to be authentic, focus your attention, and be emotionally spacious enough are your greatest superpowers in your growth journey.To build your Personal Power Practice, you’ll learn my 7-layers of consciousness habit tracking method, and my two reusable protocols for getting unstuck – one for your personal life, and one for your business. These processes have helped me and my clients go from feeling energetically unavailable to take action, to having more energy than they knew what to do with.

💰 Highest Self Strategic Planning + Prioritiziation

Sensitive creatives with big visions tend to get caught in idea loops and impulsivity, but these multi-step methods help you slow down to speed up with coaching prompts + questions that make sure you don’t miss anything in your big-picture project planning. Use these tools for the rest of your life whenever you’re overwhelmed or need to structure out mutli-project plans.

☂️ Designing Your Whole Self Umbrella Brand - Brand Clarity + Congruence

As evolving and growing creators, leaders, and business owners…our brands can become diluted the moment we feel we have to show up in a fragmented way to feed the brand we’ve designed as a previous version of ourselves. Develop a 40,000ft view Brand Strategy that includes your full self. The brand that will live on and outlast any of your current offerings, but allows you to create a congruent and cohesive flow with all you are creating.

🙈☠️ Advanced Emotional Alchemy:  Identity Transformation, Shadow Work, and Reprogramming Unconscious Blind Spots


During The Path Mastermind Practice Implementation Sessions AND the Weekly Teachings, you’ll be guided through different processes to work with these aspects of yourself in a way that allows them to feel safe to release and replaced with more empowering patterns. You know you can only go as far as your protective patterns will allow you to let's break through those ceilings (with soft hearts for our tender parts). 

👩‍❤️‍👩The Embodiment of Secure, Authentic Relating


Inside of The Path, you’ll learn how to manage conflict like an emotional ninja by learning practical relationship + communication skills. I’ll share how I’ve navigating some complex relational dynamics (and polyamory experiences!) that will help you whether you’re figuring out how to enforce boundaries with family, ask for what you need in friendships, or help your team produce better outcomes.

…+ so much more.


👉🏽Other topics include (but aren't limited to):

  • Potent and simple offer design
  • Conscious and specific copywriting to communicate your offers with precision and directness
  • The energetics of money in the soul economy
  • Activating your throat chakra and opening up your voice for social media
  • and much more.


Think of this The Path Mastermind as an Identity Upgrade Incubator 👉🏽

...where you’ll be held while you navigate resistance, emotions while ultimately making MAJOR progress toward your vision 🌟

You can expect your reality to be completely different ☯️ by the end of the six months together, because we’ll be systematically making shifts on every level of yourself.


😜Side effects might include:

  • A renewed sense of energy, invigoration, and excitement for your business...knowing you're on an inevitable path to getting everything you want (no matter how long it takes)
  • A calm confidence and decreased sense of urgency, trusting the timing and unfolding of your life
  • Blessings greater than you could ever imagine—without fearing the inevitable darkness or difficult times.
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Picture Your Next Six Months Looking Like This...

🎧 ✍🏾 Weekly The Path™  Bite-Sized, Practical Teachings

  • Every week (with one week off for integration per month) you’ll get delivered two bite-sized, highly potent and implementable teachings, delivered straight to your ears through our private to The Path Mastermind podcast feed!
  • This way, you can get a steady stream of wisdom to help upgrade your perspective and keep you connected to the space, without getting overwhelmed.

🔥🪑 Monthly Hot Seat Coaching Sessions Sessions

  • Bring your present-moment challenges, half-baked ideas, and sticky resistances. We'll work them out live through feedback and coaching from me. This is your personal time to get what you need.

🔥🪑 Monthly Small Group Creative Implementation Sessions

  • Learning is way more fun when you do it together 😍 you'll have built-in time to meet with your other mastermind peeps where you'll be prompted to work on the needle-moving practices, creative brainstorms, and self-development exercises.
  • Experiential learning amplifies everything by helping you anchor it into your body 🧘🏾‍♀️

👩🏽‍💻🧠 Business, Leadership, Self-Development, + Relationship Lectures

  • Beyond the weekly teachings, we'll meet three times during our six months for lectures that cover the methods, processes, protocols, embodiment, spirituality, and transformational behavior change behind our three core pillars of success:

⚡️Soul-Based Life Force Energy

💰The Authentic Business-Brand-Money Complex

❤️Authentic Relating + Conflict Management in Relationships

📄✨ Practical Resources That Melt The Stress From Your Body

  • There's nothing better than being provided templates, worksheets, and documents that help you turn the conceptual ideas you learn into immediately useable tools for making progress RIGHT AWAY. Use them whenever feels helpful during the 6 months, but leave with a lifetime of supportive and practical resources you'll use in your business for years to come

⚡️Inspiring Content Prompts 

💰Big-Picture Business Modeling Google Sheets for your brand vision, product suite, and marketing systems

⚡️ Program Design + structuring templates to organize your brain with ease and speed

🙊Communication Protocols + Conflict Management Scripts

✍🏾Journal and self-reflection prompts

🧨Getting Unstuck in any kind of mental or emotional block + access creativity again

📊Habit trackers to optimize your energy and enhance your focus for your best work to come through


✅ Community Telegram Group to share wins, ask questions, receive coaching, reflect on the deep stuff (available to use, but not an obligation)

✅ Private Community Hub (think slack + kajabi combined) to house all of your important mastermind materials, schedules, and chat channels 

✅ Access to my two most recent Masterclass Bundles ( $600 Value)

🫀🧠The EQX Bundle

  • Class 1: Emotional Confidence (Understanding your Inner World)
  • Class 2: Highest Self Integration (Aligning With The True Self)

😌 👑Own Your Legendary Social Media Persona 

  • Class 1: Becoming Unforgettable: Owning Your Inner Legend
  • Class 2: Moving Through Resistance, Fear, Shame, and Self-Doubt

✅ 🔮One Intuitive Reading with Intuitive Psychic, Andrea Lynn Lopez ($200 Value)

  • To receive specific guidance on staying on your intuitive + authentic path 

✅ 📊 One Human Design Reading with HD Expert Karishma Mohini ($200 Value)

  • To help you understand your natural energetic blueprint and receive specific immediately implementable shifts to make your life easier.

FREE ACCESS to the next program I release in 2023 (a deep dive into one of the topics in this mastermind) for anyone who completes all of the feedback surveys ‼️ ($800 Value)

 50% OFF the next program I release in 2024  (a deep dive into one of the topics in this mastermind) for anyone who completes all of the feedback surveys ‼️ ($1,500 Value)





  • Start date: Monday, September 25th
  • Length: 6 months
  • Cost: the base level price is $12,000 (paid in full or multiple payment plan options available) and the VIP package is $15,000 paid in full (which includes three 1:1 coaching sessions with me)

Click the payment plans yellow button below to explore your options!

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Base Package

$12,000 total

payment plans listed below

  • All Group Coaching Calls + Live Trainings (15 total)
  • The 36 Teachings of The Path Curriculum (dripped via private podcast feed)
  • Access to all resources, templates, and worksheets
  • Everything under the  "FUN BONUSES" section ($3,300 value)

VIP Upgrade

$15,000 total

payment plans listed below

  • All Group Coaching Calls + Live Trainings (15 total)
  • The 36 Teachings of The Path Curriculum (dripped via private podcast feed)
  • Access to all resources, templates, and worksheets
  • Everything under the  "FUN BONUSES" section ($3,300 value)
  • Three (75 minute)1:1 Coaching Calls with me


If you're an energy person and want to connect before signing up, don't hesitate to book a 30 minute discovery call to reflect together on if this program is right for you. The goal will be to help you come to a clear, full-body YES OR NO.  Either way, I'd love to drop in.

I want to connect before signing up

Hear it from these spectacular past clients❣️

Incoming messages from either moments or months after completing our work together

Your the "DREAMY FULL-BODY YES" CLIENT for The Path if you've ever thought to yourself...

  • 🧠"I know I'm meant to do big, important work in the world (and my methods are low-key genius), but it's been WILDLY complex to seem to bring it all together in my business and brand...and I'm ready to finally have it all look to the outside world, the way I feel it in my body."


  • 😨 ‼️"I've had the best years in business (and life) when I DIDN'T plan everything out step by step...but I'm still deconditioning from the anxiety, fear, self-doubt, and all of my other (super normal and helpful) human emotions that come up when I start to really trust my intuition"


  • 🫣 "Holy shit, my subconscious patterns and blind spots are at the root of these cycles of hitting a certain ceiling within my business...and as compassionate as I will be with myself, I'm also really ready to shift them into patterns that are more effective uses of my energy!"


  • ☀️ 🌻 "I've been running my business and making content online for years...and I'm realizing how much  BIGGER I could be playing...and I'm finally ready to figure out what that's going to require of me. (eeeek though I'm as ready as I'll ever be, but it's still a scary thought)"


  • 💖"I wish there was a business program where I could also bring up my relationships and what I'm navigating in my personal life. Otherwise, it just feels a bit fragmented and separate, making it extra work for me to find out how to prioritize my energy, make the best decisions (for my business and self) if my coach or container doesn't hold that."


  • 💰✌🏽"As much as I love making money and want to make more of it, I am HERE for the regulated lifestyle. I want to be soft....without losing my ambition, or tampering down my goals. I want to fucking live life, yanno? I'm here to figure out how to have it all...amazing relationships, plenty of energy, and my dream business that feels like me every step of the way (that rakes in the cash)"


  • 🧚🏽‍♀️🎭"I'm multi-faceted AF--and growing and evolving everyday. I want a brand that I feel includes all of the parts of me I want to be expressed... without confusing my audience. But I've felt drained and unfulfilled when I feel like I need to wear a mask to promote offers that only encompass a small slice of me. Behind the scenes, I'm SO much more."
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What an internal transformation looks like ‼️

 Juniper T 👑

"I came into coaching feeling like the size of a microscopic bug 🐛to leaving feeling like I have the tools and courage to handle the things life throws my way 🔥

⚡️I have self-trust, self confidence, and can see the gifts I present to the world. 

‼️ I left a marriage that was no longer aligned with the new version of me, started a side hustle, released shame around how I spend my time, and recognized the role I am playing in my own misery.

 🧘🏾‍♀️Lastly, I learned to look inward before anything else.

👀 What helped me the most in working with Amanda was her ability to see through my bullshit and meet me with empathy, while continuously educating me on energetics, the ways in which we relate to others, and the importance of meeting myself where I am, so I can go where I want to be. 

❤️Amanda has seen and heard me cry, and while I am a relatively vulnerable person, I could feel a sense of mutual trust and safety between the two of us.  Amanda didn’t take me anywhere I didn’t already want to go and she was patient in my times of peril. 

💡Last, but certainly not least, Amanda helped me recognize my light. She gave me the vocabulary I needed to better articulate how I feel and express myself. This helped me see how much light I hold, and what a gift that is."

Jess D -

"After 6 months working with Amanda I not only doubled my business revenue and scaled to a half million dollar company, but I was finally able to streamline my systems/processes

Before joining the mastermind, I was working in a very reactive state; constantly putting out fires and hustling my way into burnout. 

Since organizing the backend of my business and tapping into my feminine energy, I've been able to work from a passive aligned state; giving me more space and energy to be creative and flow."

 Lauren B -

"Investing in this mastermind was hands down the best decision I've made in my career. Not only did I triple my revenue this year, but I did it in a way that is aligned with my overall vision for my company. I feel like a real CEO vs an entrepreneur. And I have made the most incredible relationships that I am forever grateful for. Over the last 8 months, Amanda has invested in my best interest always and they will do that for you, too." 

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Wanna upgrade for extra support?

Group programs can be wildly transformational (often us entrepreneurs forget the power of community expansion), but perhaps you're looking for that extra direct focus on your business, personal patterns, or relationships. 

Upgrading to the VIP package will give you just that--access to my brain directly on your needs: whether it's copywriting, content creation, product suite build outs, working through some sticky patterns present for you, or even supporting seamlessly conflict management in your relationships.

On top of everything included inside of the mastermind, you get: 

👉🏽 3x 75 minute coaching sessions with me

🌸 COST 🌸 

  • Payment plan options for as low as $1,888 per month 
  • There are plenty of payment plans available, and you can check them out by clicking the yellow button 

Inquire Within: Making A Decision From Your Power


Step 1: Observe the feelings coming up. Those who will end up saying YES to The Path will feel curious and expanded by the idea of being in this space, while also potentially fearful or nervous.

Your intuition is usually ruthlessly logical...sending you signals that can sometimes include nervousness or fear, but are generally overrides by expansiveness and possibility in the direction of your North Star.

You may also want to make your interest known to me, or someone in your life. Doing that will make your process more real.

Step 2: Acknowledge and clarify the voices of resistance, fear, or doubt—which are all completely normal. These parts of you have important insight, and ultimately want the best for you.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I need to feel into my finances and work with what’s present there?
  • Can I ask Amanda any specific questions to help my mind feel more calm?
  • Is there any shift I need to work on making in my consciousness to get to my answer?
  • What’s my human design strategy, and how can I align with my decision-making blueprint?

Step 3: Stay connected to your process, and work with whatever comes up. There may be different feelings at different stages of your process before you arrive at your FULL YES or FULL NO (maybe just not right now) decision.

Ultimately, making these choices require us to decide how the next season of our life is going to do what you need to do.

Sometimes, there’s some energy to move before you can have a really clear and embodied yes.

Other times, you feel the YES and trust yourself to do the work post-investment. Whatever is true for you, trust it.

Once you decide, you will feel the desire to move in your body.

Trust that you’ve worked your process enough.